Hyperstone flash memory controllers implemented in CodeMeter hardware

25th October 2016
Anna Flockett

Wibu-Systems has integrated Hyperstone’s controllers in all of its hardware secure elements (CmDongles) equipped with flash memory. With a lineup of form factors (microSD, SD, CF, CFast cards, and USB devices), Wibu-Systems has selected Hyperstone’s technology, which is known for meeting the reliability and data integrity demands for NAND flash memory storage devices in demanding industrial embedded applications.

For coupling CodeMeter smartcard-chip-based protection, licensing, and security features with NAND flash mass storage, Wibu-Systems takes advantage of Hyperstone’s Application Programming Interface (API), which allows the addition of proprietary firmware extensions to existing Hyperstone firmware.

An independently built binary file enables communication between a host system and the basic flash firmware. This so-called Customer Firmware Extension (CFE) can access various features of the existing firmware, ensuring the easy management of its own private data outside the commonly user accessible address space of the storage device.

By developing a specific firmware extension, Wibu-Systems is implementing additional secure encryption and license key management features that enhance its CmDongles with flash mass storage and provide the highest level of security. Hyperstone’s controllers are the ideal fit to comply with strong security requirements when protecting sensitive digital assets.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems underlined the value of the innovative security design: “The excellent cooperation between Hyperstone’s and Wibu-Systems’ competent teams of security experts have made it possible to lead innovative R&D projects Made in Germany.”

Winzenried continued: “As a result, new ideas were born for security features in industrial applications that were implemented in the latest Hyperstone’s flash memory controllers and immediately deployed for Wibu-Systems’ CmDongle mass storage product line. Hyperstone’s high quality and endurance standards, advanced flash memory management software, and long term component availability, along with Wibu-Systems’ dedication to software and data protection, licensing, and security are a perfect match for IIoT devices and Industry 4.0 applications, whether it’s about upgrading infrastructure in the brown field or developing a new architecture in the green field.”

VP Sales of Hyperstone, Steffen Allert commented: “Wibu-Systems is one of our most innovative customers and is using Hyperstone controllers within their CmCard products for interfaces like SD/eMMC, CF and SATA.”

Allert added: “By integrating our new USB 3.1 controller U9 in their next generation of USB dongles CmStick/M, they will be implanting our complete line-up of interfaces. We appreciate the valuable cooperation with Wibu-Systems and are proud to contribute to their sophisticated security solutions.”

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