Extreme memory 32GB DDR4 SO-DIMM for harsh environments

14th May 2019
Lanna Cooper

SMART Modular Technologies has announced a new addition to its SMART RUGGED product offering, a 32GB industrial grade SO-DIMM. This new small form factor memory module is targeted for ruggedised computing applications used in the defence, industrial, transportation, public safety and other similar segments. Due to its large 32GB capacity, this industrial grade SO-DIMM is suitable for large computing applications that are exposed to extreme operating environments.

There’s a growing necessity for use of ruggedised mobile computing devices in the field. Ruggedised tablets support public safety personnel where emergency medical technicians, firefighters and police officers have multiple workflows that can be streamlined and facilitated solely by rugged tablets.

Today’s rugged tablets can withstand just about any attempted infliction due to its water, dust and extreme temperature-resistant design. SMART’s 32GB industrial grade SO-DIMM is a suitable component for these popular rugged tablets which is just one of many application examples. 

The SMART RUGGED 32GB SO-DIMM undergoes a rigorous industrial grade test process which includes a cold boot at -40°C, ramping up to +85°C ambient operation. These modules are also tested at a high utilisation rate while being subjected to this industrial grade temperature range.

SMART utilises customised test boards that expose the memory modules to temperature variations while running at high speed. The high utilisation test software ensures that all cells in the DRAM components are fully stressed through the entire temperature cycle. As the data is being collected over a ten hour test cycle, the weak modules can be removed further ensuring reliability in the field. 

Another critical element in the protection of SMART’s SO-DIMMs used in harsh operating environments is the use of underfill and conformal coating, which provides protection from shock, vibration, humidity, moisture and harsh chemicals in the air. SMART’s DDR4 32GB industrial grade SO-DIMM can be operated in environments from 40°C to +85°C at DDR4-2666 speed grade and are offered in ECC and non-ECC configurations.

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