DRAM modules boost maximum clock speed

16th December 2021
Mick Elliott

Rutronik is stocking the current generation of ATP DRAM modules, the DDR4. The data transfer rate of up to 3,200 MT/s ensures an increase in the maximum possible clock speed.

The supply voltage is 1.2 V.

High performance with lower power consumption thus allows the application in the high-performant areas of telecommunication infrastructures, network storage systems, network-attached storage (NAS) servers, micro/cloud servers and embedded systems such as industrial PCs.

The modules of the previous DDR3 series combine a data transfer rate of up to 1866 MT/s and supply voltages of 1.5 V and 1.35 V to achieve fast performance with higher energy savings.

An application-compliant coating film layer protects sensitive electronic circuits and modules from dust, moisture, corrosion, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Anti-sulphur resistors ward off the harmful effects of sulphur contamination.

A 30 μ" thick gold finger coating and a printed circuit board consisting of 6-10 layers of PCB assemblies (PCBA) ensures better signal quality as well as mechanical reliability and durability of the modules.

To ensure long-term stability, availability and consistent performance in industrial applications, optional features include the ability to withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to 95°C.  

These DRAM modules for enterprise and industrial applications are typically installed in high-performance environments such as data centres and hard-to-reach locations.

Here, uninterrupted data processing is essential, as any downtime results in significant economic losses.


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