Device blends the key benefits of NOR, NAND and RAM in a unified architecture

12th July 2007
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SST (Silicon Storage Technology has announced that it is sampling the first in its All-in-OneMemory product family, the SST88VP1107. By blending the key benefits of NOR, NAND and RAM in a unified architecture, the first All-in-OneMemory product comes configured with 512 KByte instant-on boot NOR, 128 MByte execute-in-place (XIP) code storage, 120 MByte data storage and 12 MByte system RAM for mobile and embedded applications.

The SST88VP1107 is the only single-bus, single-package solution that offers a completely managed memory subsystem in a 10mm x 13mm x 1.4mm LBGA package. With code storage (NOR), data storage (NAND) and system RAM (PSRAM) functions all on a single PSRAM bus, the SST88VP1107 is well suited for applications that need high-density memory with enhanced performance,

superior quality and high reliability.

By leveraging SST's Pseudo-NORTM (PNORTM) technology, All-in-OneMemory optimizes the use of NAND flash for both code and data storage, eliminating the need for costly high-density NOR. The PNOR area provides 128 MByte XIP code storage and emulates high-density NOR by using NAND as nonvolatile storage and PSRAM as cache. In the SST88VP1107, 4 MBytes of PSRAM is

configured as cache for the PNOR area. Caching NAND flash content helps extend endurance and improve reliability of NAND flash by minimizing direct read/write access to the NAND flash. The inherent demand paging scheme of the cache also eliminates the need for shadowing XIP code, thus reducing the size of required built-in system RAM.

To support the growing demand for multimedia-rich functions in next-generation mobile consumer electronics, SST has introduced its first All-in-OneMemory product - offering designers an easy-to-use,

single-package memory subsystem with the full benefits of NOR, NAND and RAM for code and data storage, said Frank Lin, vice president of Application Specific Controller Products at SST. The first product in the All-in-OneMemory product family, the SST88VP1107, is targeted for both

feature- and content-rich mobile and consumer applications.

The SST88VP1107 is the first product incorporating SST All-in-OneMemory technology. The product offers a memory-mapped ATA (mATA) area providing 120 MBytes of data storage on the PSRAM bus, eliminating the need for an ATA physical interface. In addition, the SST88VP1107 offers a built-in

Flash File System (FFS), Memory Management Unit (MMU) and hardware Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) engine. The hardware ECC engine corrects up to 8 random-bit errors and is tailored for advanced multi-level cell (MLC) and single-level cell (SLC) NAND technology. Together, the FFS, MMU and the

ECC engine make the NAND flash memory management transparent to the host system, thus eliminating the need for additional hardware and software on the host, and reducing the effort and time required for software development.

All-in-OneMemory technology-based products offer several key benefits not found in alternative memory solutions. By intelligently managing all memory components with a resident 32-bit microcontroller, All-in-OneMemory offers a large and expandable XIP area, instant secure boot, memory demand paging, NAND flash management, and industry standard ATA data storage protocol on a

single PSRAM bus in a small footprint package; thereby reducing system complexity and lowering overall cost. Added benefits of All-in-OneMemory are fast boot time, optimized memory resource sharing and advanced NAND flash technology support. These benefits are made possible by the dedicated SuperFlash boot NOR, expandable PNOR, built-in system RAM, programmable

memory block boundaries and robust hardware ECC circuitry.

Following today's introduction of the SST88VP1107, SST plans to expand the All-in-OneMemory product family with other products sharing the same footprint and pin assignment for easy scalability. Although the SST88VP1107 comes with factory default configurations suitable for most applications,

it can also be easily re-configured to meet special application requirements. For application specific configurations, please contact SST.

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