Zyter Smart Logistics secure IoT solution

10th December 2020
Alex Lynn

Zyter has announced the availability of Zyter Smart Logistics, a highly secure, customisable solution for logistics companies and enterprise logistics departments that leverages Zyter’s SmartSpaces platform and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Zyter Smart Logistics connects disparate data systems, departments, and people to give logistics teams end-to-end, real-time visibility of vehicles and goods in transit while also using sensors and mobile applications to collect analytics on driver behaviour, such as hard braking and other driving habits.

An enterprise user dashboard displays real-time alerts and notifications of any unexpected issues along the route, such as a vehicle breakdown or accident, as well as temperature changes in vehicles hauling perishable goods. As a result, logistics teams can make faster and more intelligent decisions to resolve in-transit issues and keep shipments safe and on track for delivery.

Real-time analytics provides logistics companies with insights into three key areas from a single dashboard:

  • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring: Consisting of a mobile app on drivers’ smartphones and an intuitive enterprise user dashboard, Zyter Smart Logistics can connect to any kind of device (OBD sensors, battery-powered trackers, mobile phones, and more) to provide end-to-end, real-time visibility of goods in transit. Zyter’s embedded smart technologies for real-time tracking can be effortlessly integrated with any existing ERP systems and shipping routes to generate predictive analytics for delivery times, rerouting, and recommendations on the best and closest markets for goods, perishables and more.
  • Driver’s Behavior and Driving Skills: The Zyter Smart Logistics mobile app on the driver’s smartphone collects real-time data on truck speeds, rate of acceleration, braking, and more. Improving driver safety on the road can lead to reduced shipping-related insurance costs for the enterprise. The Zyter app also tracks driver location and alerts on any unscheduled or unexpected stops along the route.
  • Asset Management: Zyter Smart Logistics also enables real-time tracking and monitoring of the goods or assets being transported to protect against loss or theft. The solution monitors the real-time temperature, humidity, and vibration in the vehicle. If a temperature threshold change is detected when hauling perishable goods, the Zyter solution sends an alert to the enterprise dashboard so that the goods can be rerouted to a closer delivery point to avoid a total loss. Additionally, Zyter Smart Logistics provides a complete chain of custody for sensitive goods such as medical vaccines and blood products.

“Today’s logistics teams want a solution that does far more than just give the real-time location of their goods in transit,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter. “Zyter Smart Logistics enhances the core benefits of real-time tracking with an unprecedented layer of intelligence to support operational efficiencies, safer driving behavior, and reduced costs.”

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