Wireless mesh connectivity for IoT applications is enabled

5th October 2016
Alice Matthews

In order to provide reliable, low power industrial IoT applications Advantech has chosen Linear’s SmartMesh IP wireless mesh technology with Advantech’s standardised M2.COM sensor platform.

The M2.COM platform combines wireless technology, a Microcontroller Unit (MCU) and networking capability with a standardised interface for sensors. The inclusion of SmartMesh IP mesh networks on this platform offers customers the opportunity to embed wire-free mesh communications into their industrial IoT solutions.

SmartMesh IP mesh networks are based on the 6LoWPAN standard and the global IEEE 802.15.4 standard, and include a pre-compiled networking stack that delivers high network reliability at ultralow power. This is particularly important for industrial IoT applications, where wireless sensor networks may be deployed in harsh and remote environments. SmartMesh networks have over 50,000 customer networks deployed in 120 countries. To simplify deployment and ensure long term maintainability, SmartMesh IP products can operate on batteries for over 10 years, enabling wireless sensor nodes to be placed anywhere. All SmartMesh products include pre-compiled network stacks and dynamic mesh optimisation software so that developers can focus on rapid industrial IoT application development.

“In order to help our customers bring their IoT solutions to market faster, it is important for us to provide a standardised module interface with the flexibility to support industrial strength wireless mesh connectivity,” said Miller Chang, Vice President of Advantech Embedded Computing Group. “Linear Technology’s SmartMesh products are well recognised in the industry for their robust performance, ease of integration and world class low power consumption. We are pleased to be able to offer this important wireless IoT connectivity option to our customers as part of the M2.COM standard product line.”

“Advantech’s M2.COM open platform has the potential to accelerate the adoption of IoT in industrial applications,” said Joy Weiss, President of the Dust Networks product group at Linear Technology. “We look forward to working with Advantech to promote the use of SmartMesh IP mesh networks as a wireless connectivity option of the M2.COM platform.”

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