Transform your IoT thinking with Farnell and ON Semiconductor

10th October 2019
Alex Lynn

The highly differentiated power management, analogue and sensor solutions from ON Semiconductor can make it faster and easier to turn opportunities into unbeatable products. Plus, Farnell has helped designers like you discover new ways to deliver across tens of thousands of design projects, especially as a long-standing design partner of ON Semiconductor.

Farnell's product development ecosystem sports an extensive team of specialists that offer design, development and deployment services to engineers with interconnect, sensors, wireless, passive, power supplies and battery products and more. ON Semiconductor delivers solutions, components, design tools and knowledge, to enable key technologies like adaptive driver assistance systems (ADAS), low powered Internet of Things (IoT) applications and end-to-end industrial and factory automation solutions.

Instead of just receiving a portfolio of parts, On Semi brings you a portfolio of solutions and associated technologies that enable you to take concepts and turn them into smart connected designs across a wide range of applications. It's never too late to transform your thinking around what technology solutions providers can do for you.

Innovative solutions for the Internet of Things

Many IoT applications that involve monitoring physical conditions often rely on battery powered nodes in their sensors. This means that for the billions of battery-based devices pouring into the Internet of Things, power efficiency is a number one design criteria. Because some circuits need to continually be running, ensuring low power consumption for a long battery life is a key part of an IoT application. However, there’s also a strong need for balancing power considerations with overall performance.

Designers need product portfolios that range from sensor to cloud, with the kinds of sensors, connectivity solutions, actuators and power capabilities to match the needs of the global IoT market, poised to grow to possibly half a trillion dollars in the next few years.

With expertise in power management, a broad portfolio of sensor solutions, and development kits and platforms, Farnell and ON Semiconductor give you the power to find the optimal solution for your IoT applications.

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