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14th January 2021
Lanna Cooper

LEEDARSON IoT Technology has announced that its most-anticipated IoT devices and solutions will be on exhibit from the all-digital CES 2021, 12th-14th January. Applied intelligence is helping manufacturers and retailers next-level their digital products and amplify brands and merchandising by building on proven innovations developed by LEEDARSON’s top engineers and design enthusiasts.

“We all understand this CES will be very different from years past, but what remains the same is our ongoing commitment to work alongside partners and customers to create excellent IoT collections they are proud to wrap their brand names around,” said John E. Osborne II, President, LEEDARSON North America and Chairman Emeritus of the Zigbee Alliance.

“Our team is pleased to offer a customer-centric, one-stop IoT shop that facilitates these important connections between products and people - especially during today’s challenging times when we all need a lift with reliability, security, comfort and convenience.” 

Helping Leaders Lean into Proven Technologies

This year’s hottest IoT categories focus on household appliances, home care + safety, security and comfort across home living settings. Our virtual booth visitors can observe the following VIP products next week from CES 2021:

  • Smart Household Appliances
    • Comfort Air Solutions: Smart Humidifiers, Smart Air Purifiers, Smart Heaters
    • Create ideal conditions through temperature/air settings with the option to customise filters to battle pet allergies, molds, bacteria, toxins and more.
  • Intelligent Care & Elder Safety
    • People Solutions: Fall Detection Sensors, Glass Break Sensors, Smoke & CO Sensors, Panic Buttons, Well-Lighting Solutions
    • Stay connected to the ones you love using technologies that give you eyes and ears from near or far. Monitor for accidents, break-ins or emergencies through LEEDARSON’s detection sensors (sound, smoke, movement) and single-button wearables designed for aging populations. Leverage connected lighting to assist with sleeping, waking, mood and alerts (e.g., shift room lighting to red to indicate help is needed inside).
  • Smart Security & Video Surveillance
    • DIY & Professional Components & Kits: Indoor/Outdoor Cameras, Locks, Floodlights and Beyond
    • Stay aware of happenings inside and outside with intelligent camera solutions, real-time video, and two-way talk features that are ideal for monitoring pets, little ones, older relatives and unwanted visitors.
  • Easily Control Your Home
    • Smart Automation: Intelligent Vents, Air Sensors, Switches, Valves and Smart Leak Detectors
    • Transform old, static lamps into innovative, smart lights with LEEDARSON’s newest in-wall smart dimmer switches. Overhaul vents, air sensors and temperature valves to achieve steady comfort zones. Control home atmospheres through voice assistants or phone apps (Alexa, Google Assistant) – while home or away.

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