The rise of the Internet of Things

29th October 2020
Lanna Deamer

Over the past decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) has had a major impact on our lives. Over the next ten years, it is estimated that IoT devices will reach a staggering 125 billion.

These devices are used to change how we live, work and learn. So, what exactly are IoT devices and how do they affect businesses and sectors such as education?

What is IoT?

IoT generally relates to anything connected to the internet. However, recently it has started to be more associated with devices that talk to one another, or smart devices.

Connected devices are combined with automated systems in order to gather information. They then analyse and create an action based upon that information. IoT allows devices to communicate both within close range and across different networks. This helps to create a truly connected world.

There are literally billions of IoT devices in operation today. As time goes on, more and more products are added to the market.

What does it mean for startups and businesses?

IoT devices have really helped to change the business world. These days, companies can use the technology to gain new insights, make better decisions and boost efficiency.

Mostly, it is used to gather and analyse data. Businesses rely heavily upon data to learn more about their customers. It can help them identify customer trends and better market their products.

The rise of IoT in schools

The IoT has also greatly helped the education sector. In schools, it has helped to introduced development kits and Raspberry kits. It has helped to improve school management efficiency, allowing for an interconnected decision-making framework.

IoT can also help to boost safety in education. There are a wide range of security applications such as student escort drones and on-demand video monitoring.

What’s next for IoT?

Although the range of IoT devices available is impressive, the technology is still in its infancy. At the moment, there are connectivity issues which need to be addressed. There are also serious security challenges that need to be improved to ensure the safety of our homes, businesses and electronics.

As time develops, we can expect IoT to improve and fix the issues currently prevalent in the sector. Even though it is still in its infancy, the technology is currently greatly helping businesses and public sectors. The above are just some of the ways it is revolutionising the different sectors.

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