The latest version of Industry 4.0-ready MES

11th April 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Critical Manufacturing has announced the release of the latest version of Critical Manufacturing MES, V6. V6 introduces an equipment integration module, “Connect IoT”, designed to simplify the integration of all devices, equipment and the IoT. Using V6 Connect IoT reduces the time and cost needed for companies to reap the benefits of smart technologies and Industry 4.0 manufacturing models.

The version also extends the advanced GUI to deliver configure-to-task, platform-agnostic mobility to all operator, supervisor and maintenance transactions, plus an enhanced scheduling module.

Critical Manufacturing V6 with Connect IoT is a step in MES for the transition to Industry 4.0. Chris Parsons, VP Marketing at Critical Manufacturing, commented, “Critical Manufacturing MES V6 is, without a doubt, our most strategic release to date.

Its functionality transforms the expectations of MES and positions the system as a leading solution for complex, high-tech manufacturers on their journey to digital transformation.”

Connect IoT is a leap forward in engineering for Industry 4.0 because it enables fast, easy integration of both standard equipment interfaces and new IoT devices into a distributed, de-centralised architecture on which to build an autonomous production network.

It is a lightweight, low footprint solution with cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and multi-architecture (ARM, x64 or x86 processors) support. The module has out-of-the-box support for Low Energy Bluetooth, SECS/GEM, OPC UA and MQTT protocols.

Empowering the user with a complete graphic overview of all automation workflows, Connect IoT has an easy drag-and-drop logic interface, with no need for coding. The system automatically abstracts workflows from specific drivers and power users can implement re-usable, extensible workflow elements with complex logic.

The visual debugging screens also incorporate simulators for automation workflows using real machine values to reduce engineering times. Once configured, the module provides one-click deployment. This V6 integrated device management solution allows selective or mass deployment options with rollback possibility.

Alongside the Connect IoT module, Critical Manufacturing MES V6 includes many other features and enhancements that improve performance, usability and functionality of the system.

Already known for its user-friendly interfaces and standard modules that reduce engineering times for even the most sophisticated of production processes, V6 extends system’s HTML5 mobile-ready GUI to every operation on the production line for operators, supervisors and maintenance technicians.

The scheduling module also has the new HTML5 GUI, and provides two new modes for fast scheduling and planning including, exploded bills of material (BOMs) and maximum material size. It also has added support for labor and durables scheduling.

Elsewhere in the MES, V6 delivers enriched features in master data management, material tracking, durables tracking, maintenance management, data collection, recipe management, reporting and analytics.

Parsons concluded, “Industry 4.0 is a manufacturing revolution that offers so many benefits, those that adopt it late will lose their competitive advantage. Our experience, particularly with customers from high-tech segments such as medical devices, semiconductor, electronics, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and Automotive, has helped us design a product that reduces the cost and risk of transition to Industry 4.0. No other system has so many modern capabilities to support manufacturers upgrading to Industry 4.0 as Critical Manufacturing MES V6 with the new Connect IoT module.”

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