Speakers diversify Taoglas product offering

17th July 2019
Mick Elliott

High-performance speakers have been added to the Taoglas product line following its recent acquisition of ThinkWireless. Taoglas is known as a supplier of antenna solutions for automotive, smart grid, home automation, remote monitoring and medical applications. It also delivers advanced integrated solutions to leading telematics and IoT brands.

ThinkWireless, a leader in the global commercial vehicle antenna and speaker market, is currently shipping over 500,000 audio speakers annually. The sector is poised for an impressive $4.73 billion in revenue growth from 2019 to 2023. 

The dual, full-range, high-sensitivity speaker series deliver distortion-free audio, high fidelity and high-power handling sound.

It offers exceptional sound quality to both the rugged, heavy-duty truck, boating or off road vehicles and motorcycles.

The new line can also be available as custom speakers for other IoT applications such as alarm panels, remote alert systems and industrial communication applications for warehousing and logistical sites.  

The new high-sensitivity speaker series includes three options.

The 8Ohm 6-inch round dual full, a distortion-free audio, high fidelity, high power handling and low-cost solution for car, truck or boat speakers.

The 4Ohm High power 10-inch diameter subwoofer delivers distortion-free, high fidelity audio, and it can handle power burst in access of 200 W (over a short period).

Designed for the rugged environment of a heavy-duty truck, car or boat, the 4Ohm 6-Inch Round Speaker is a dual, full-range, high-sensitivity speaker series. It also has home Hi-Fi speaker cabinet applications.

The new coax-speaker series includes the 8Ohm 4 x 6-inch coax-speaker series offering cost-effective solutions to reproduce a full range sounds in your car or home Hi-Fi audio system, and the

4 x 6-Inch Speakerthat can reproduce full-range sounds in a heavy-duty truck, car or home Hi-Fi audio system. “The automotive and commercial trucking industries are experiencing huge demands for extra connectivity, infotainment, content and mobile services. Our entry into the speaker ecosystem is a testament to Taoglas’ evolution as a leading provider of highly advanced vehicle infotainment solutions,” said Dermot O'Shea, Joint CEO and Co-founder of Taoglas.

“While many consumers may not appreciate the level of engineering and production sophistication required to consistently produce OEM high-quality automotive speakers, they are actually a critical solution that are often taken for granted for services, such as smart navigation, emergency alert systems and infotainment,” added O’Shea.

“Our strength in RF simulation, environmental reliability and testing via anechoic chambers will deliver a crisp and enjoyable audio experience for drivers worldwide, and our custom solution offering is unique in the market. Designers no longer have to accept what is already out there, they can have a speaker optimised for their install and environment at a competitive cost.”

The Taoglas audio speakers will be available for purchase on the Taoglas website, through key distribution partners.

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