Smart flat: how to make it work for you

20th March 2020
Lanna Cooper

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived and carries the acronym IoT. Experts believe that the ‘Internet of Things', will redefine the boundaries between industries, opening up new market niches, establishing connections and partnerships.

It is expected to offer great opportunities for growth and at the same time may pose a threat to traditional business models.

The global market for connected home devices was worth more than £43bn in 2018. Forecasts put the figure at more than £70bn by 2020 and predict growth of 22.3% per year to reach over £120bn in 2024.

There is a daily space where this revolution will have a remarkable impact: homes. Smart home devices are already a reality for many, and the future in the homes of a majority of people.

“Smart assistants are one of the main drivers of growth in the smart home industry," explained Martin Pansy, CEO of Nuki, manufacturer of smart locks. “Smart speakers from Google, Apple and Amazon allow you to control a large number of devices that will continue to grow. This connectivity is a major requirement of users today.”

Housing models, the great challenge for the connected home

One of the biggest challenges for connected home devices in the UK is the format of the homes. 43% of Londoners live in flats and for security devices on windows, cameras or smart locks, this could be a handicap.

“Being able to open the door to your home without even taking the smartphone out of your pocket is very useful as long as we don't have to use the keys. In cases where there is a portal between the street and the home, the task becomes more complicated. That's why at Nuki we have developed a complete ecosystem that allows all doors to be opened remotely and with the help of just the smartphone, including the portal," described the company's CEO.

Thanks to the new Nuki Opener, connected to the intercom, it is possible to unlock from the street remotely. This, in combination with the Nuki Smart Lock 2. 0 allows you to forget about your keys completely. It's compatibility with Google, Amazon and Apple home assistants makes Nuki a total smarthome device.

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