SIM products enable secure connection of IoT devices

12th July 2017
Alice Matthews

Two solutions to connect billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices have been launched by G+D Mobile Security; 'IoT Attach' and 'IoT Advance'. The 'IoT Attach' and 'IoT Advance' Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) products have been developed in cooperation with reference Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and IoT application providers. These dedicated SIM products not only offer the benefit of network protection to MNOs, but also protect IoT data and help tackle the big concern of lifecycle management of IoT devices.

The new SIM products by G+D Mobile Security are simple, pluggable and scalable solutions for easy deployment. While further form factors are under development, the current solutions offer the MNO the required services and performance with ultimate flexibility. Both SIM solutions come equipped with an end-to-end security solution which secures data from the IoT end point, through the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Cellular IoT network and onto the application server.

In addition, the 'IoT Advance' solution provides further flexibility in the areas of power optimisation, root-of-trust for firmware updates over the air (FOTA) and Quality of Service (QoS) solutions.

“There is a clear need for dedicated IoT SIM solutions,” stated Carsten Ahrens, CEO of G+D Mobile Security. “Based on our close relationships with leading Mobile Network Operator (MNO) partners and our long history in supporting the Telecommunication Industry, we are able to offer our optimised 'IoT Attach' and 'IoT Advance' SIM products to connect and manage a broad spectrum of IoT devices.”

The new products support LPWAN Cellular IoT i.e NB-IoT and Cat-M specific technical requirements (e.g. optimised power consumption) and are fully based on industry standards. Futhermore, they support the new business models and launch scenarios which are associated with large scale IoT device deployments. The 'IoT Attach' and 'IoT Advance' products are the first in a series of IoT-specific products from G+D Mobile Security.

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