Sensors integrated into IoT kit

4th August 2022
Mick Elliott

In stock at distributor Mouser Electronics is the Sentrius MG100/BT510/BT610 Cumulocity IoT Kit from Laird Connectivity.

This powerhouse combination of proven wireless sensor monitoring technologies comes bundled together in one integrated kit that captures data from the included sensors and sends it to the cloud, via a global low-power cellular (LTE-M/NB-IoT) connection.

This IoT kit is powered by the Laird Connectivity Pinnacle 100 modem and Sentrius MG100 gateway.

Combining the benefits of Bluetooth 5 technology with low-power cellular LTE connectivity, this dynamic duo delivers a single, fully integrated solution to capture data from the Bluetooth 5-enabled sensors and works seamlessly with the industry-leading Software AG Cumulocity IoT telemetry platform (free 60-day trial included).

Cumulocity IoT provides fast visibility and control over remote assets with no software development required for asset tracking, cold chain monitoring, smart buildings, or industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems. 

The kit features two proven sensor systems: Sentrius BT510 and Sentrius BT610.

The Sentrius BT510 is a multi-sensor platform that combines temperature, open/closed, motion, and impact sensing with Bluetooth 5 capabilities such as long-range (Coded PHY), security and Bluetooth Low Energy beaconing.

The module integrates the field-proven long-range Laird Connectivity BL654 Series module with the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 system-on-chip (SoC), which delivers advanced processing capability, enabling feature-rich application development with 1 Mbyte of flash memory.

The Sentrius BT610 sensor turns wired sensors into IP67-rated, battery-operated wireless nodes that provide robust and secure messaging. The sensor also incorporates the BL654 Series module, enabling it to deliver full Bluetooth 5 capabilities, including LE Coded PHY. The Sentrius BT610 is ideal for harsh IoT environments where reliable wireless connectivity is essential to keeping systems online and operational.

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