SEMI unveils Industry 4.0 Readiness Model

7th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

SEMI has released the Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment Model (IRAM), aimed at supporting organisations within the semiconductor supply network in evaluating and monitoring their smart manufacturing technology implementation and devising a digital transformation strategy.

Developed by the SEMI Smart Manufacturing Initiative together with industry connoisseurs, IRAM is instrumental for firms in pinpointing pivotal technological advances necessary for the expansion and persistence of Industry 4.0, enhancing the production of semiconductors in terms of efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Ajit Manocha, President and CEO of SEMI, expressed: “The new SEMI IRAM will help semiconductor companies assess their Industry 4.0 compliance as they implement smart manufacturing practices that demand greater connectivity inside chip fabs and throughout the supply chain. Crucially, the service will also facilitate cybersecurity decision-making as semiconductor companies work with their supply chain partners to protect data traversing Industry 4.0 networks.”

IRAM is tailored to bolster vital operations within fabrication plants and backend or corporate-level facilities, as well as offering support to ancillary industries and predominantly batch-based production lines. It provides a comparative metric to evaluate Industry 4.0 implementation against industry fellows or different sectors. IRAM empowers organisations to gauge their Industry 4.0 maturity and proceed with steps essential to maximise ROI.

Andrew Seward, Field Solutions and Marketing and Analytics Manager at Tokyo Electron America, and co-chair of the SEMI Smart Manufacturing Guidelines Sub-committee, stated: “The IRAM model is specific enough for immediate utility and flexible enough for everything from individual operations to entire fabs or the enterprise. The model will facilitate the identification of gaps and defining next steps, whether you're just beginning your smart manufacturing journey or are already well on your way.”

The SEMI Smart Manufacturing Initiative, with chapters in the Americas, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan, sees members working collaboratively on Smart Manufacturing challenges and opportunities pertinent to their regions.

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