RF module offers low power for BLE and IoT networks

21st December 2017
Lanna Deamer

The new dual mode radio module platform for Smart Metering, Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Networks applications has been announced by Radiocrafts AS, provider of RF modules and wireless connectivity solutions. The module has a 2.4GHz radio transceiver is addition to the sub-Giga Hertz transceiver that is available on the RC18x0 module that was announced by Radiocrafts in September.

The RC1885 radio module platform is a surface-mounted ultra low power RF module based on the CC1350 System-on-Chip from Texas Instruments. The modules include a low power BLE compliant 2.4GHz RF transceiver in addition to the sub-Giga Hertz transceiver that is compliant to IEEE 802.15.4g, Wireless M-Bus and many proprietary protocols. It is suitable for battery operated sensors in 6LoWPAN networks.

The BLE compliant 2.4GHz transceiver enables applications where commissioning and network set-up can be done using a smartphone. This removes the need for customer specific HMI (Human Machine Interface), thereby reducing the system cost significantly.

The ultra low power radio consumes only 5.5mA in receive mode and 22mA during transmission at 14dBm. The high performance radio is complemented with a powerful ARM Cortex M3 controller with up to 128kB of Flash memory and 20kB of SRAM. A 4kB EEPROM, and additional 256kB Flash is optional. The extra Flash memory can be used for over-the-air firmware download. 

Thirty digital and analogue I/O makes it easy to interface sensors and actuators in control and monitoring applications. An advanced low power sensor co-processor is available for direct sensor interface.

Using the new module together with the TI-RTOS from Texas Instruments is a powerful combination to build any end application. Part of the TI-RTOS is programmed in ROM, leaving more Flash memory to the application firmware. The modules are also supported by the open source operating system Contiki, through the CC1310 Contiki port.

“The 2.4 GHz BLE compliant transceiver adds significant benefit to our new module platform. It is a complement to our existing offerings for low power wireless solution where the RF modules are integrating more and more functionality,” said Anders Oldebäck, Sales and Marketing Director, Radiocrafts. “Dual mode radio combined with an ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller in a System in Package module opens up even more possibilities than before for battery operated Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Network applications.”

The compact surface mount modules, which measure only 12.7x25.4mm, are delivered in tape and reel packaging.

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