Prototyping kit accelerates IoT designs

31st August 2018
Mick Elliott

A Rapid IoT prototyping kit from NXP Semiconductors is now being shipped by Mouser Electronics. Allowing developers to quickly take Internet of Things (IoT) projects from idea to proof of concept, the kit features industry-leading hardware, enhanced security, and optimal power management within a small form factor.

It comes pre-configured with 11 NXP devices (including microcontrollers, interface, NFC, anti-counterfeit security and flexible sensor options) to facilitate the development of a broad range of IoT devices, including smart appliances, wearables, home and building automation, and medical devices.

The kit combines a high-performance, low power NXP Kinetis K64 microcontroller based on an Arm Cortex-M4 core, and an NXP Kinetis KW41Z wireless microcontroller that enables Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Thread, and Zigbee connectivity.

A capacitive touch sensor, 6-axis digital accelerometer and magnetometer, 3-axis digital gyroscope, digital pressure barometric and humidity sensor, digital ambient light sensor, and digital air quality sensor are also included.

To simplify the development process, Rapid IoT includes pre-programmed applications that enable users quickly get familiar with its capabilities. The device features a web integrated development environment (IDE) with GUI-based programming to help users modify the device’s behavior without having experience with embedded coding.

When ready, engineers can transition ideas from prototype to development with automatic source code generation for NXP’s MCUXpresso, a comprehensive set of software tools including SDK, IDE and configuration tools.

Rapid IoT is compatible with the NXP IoT Modular Gateway, a complete development platform that brings together the building blocks for secure, production-ready IoT systems including hardware, software, connectivity, security and cloud services with comprehensive and fully documented out-of-the-box guidance and support.

The kit is also fully compatible with the MikroElektronika Hexiwear docking station and over 400 MikroElektronika Click boards to enable a wide range of functionality for almost any IoT use case.

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