Pre-integrated, pre-validated gateways

13th May 2016
Joe Bush

A full range of IoT gateways have been introduced by Advantech to fulfil an array of application environments. These gateways, powered by Intel IoT Gateway Technology, comprise the ultra-small series UTX-3115, ARK-1123L and ARK-1123H, multiple I/O ARK-2121L, in-vehicle series ARK-2121V and ARK-2151V, outdoor video surveillance series ARK-2121S and ARK-2151S, fleet management series TREK-570 and TREK-572, as well as automation series UNO-1252, UNO-1372G, and UNO-2272G.

These gateways provide a foundation for connecting devices seamlessly and securely, delivering trusted data to the cloud, and adding value through analytics. They enable machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, integrated services router (ISR), and cellular connectivity for areas such as industry, smart buildings, retail and transportation.

Quick development, prototyping, and deployment

The Intel IoT Gateway Technology solution is designed on the Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT to speed innovation and maintain interoperability with legacy systems. Developers can quickly develop, prototype and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements, while maintaining interoperability with legacy systems including sensors and data centre servers. The solution is completely pre-configured and pre-validated with hardware, software and security capabilities.

  • Intel IoT Gateway Technology, based on Intel Quark, Intel Atom and Intel Core processors, bring scalable performance to the edge.
  • Standards-based interfaces enable Intel IoT Gateway Technology to easily connect and integrate with legacy systems, down to sensors and controllers and up to data centres and the cloud.
  • Solutions based on Intel IoT Gateway Technology include software from Wind River and McAfee Embedded Control to monitor and protect data security by dynamically managing whitelists. Intel provides an integrated software stack, with drivers and scripts that support the built-in, hardware-based root of trust.

Gateway starter kit

Advantech also provides an pre-integrated gateway starter kit to jumpstart IoT innovation. The kit simplifies integration, minimises development cost and accelerates time to market with a complete solution that includes a fully configured board, chassis, power supply, antennas and software. There are three gateways selected for the Starter Kit, which are based on Intel IoT Gateway Technology and verified through the Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program - Wi-Fi/3G CE/FCC/UL RF certified UTX-3115, ultra-small ARK-1123H, and the multiple I/O ARK-2121L. In addition to the ready-to-run gateway system, a software solution is also included in the package.

This includes WISE-PaaS/RMM Pro version, IoT device remote monitoring and management software for data management, device monitoring/control and security (McAfee). As for IoT design-in services, there are gateway and security SDK, 100+ RESTful APIs, Node-RED logic editor design tools and full documentation. With three hours of online consulting services, each customer gets an exclusive account to submit, manage and track service status.

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