Practical tips for 5G, blockchain and industrial analytics

13th August 2018
Alex Lynn

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides companies with valuable data relating to machines, products and transportation, which can be used to gain fresh (product) insights, devise business models, and boost efficiency. The IoT has facilitated the use of technologies such as Robotics and 5G, and helped the digital transformation become a reality. 

One IDC study found that 72% of organisations are planning and have budgeted for at least one new IoT project in 2018.

Whether you are an IoT expert, software house or startup, find out how companies can identify and harness the potential of the IoT when tackling the challenges ahead, by attending one of the IoT events staged by Cloud Ecosystem and Rittal this September in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. Chaired by industry and research experts who will be sharing their experience of IoT projects and insights into the challenges of specific applications, there is also an opportunity to attend workshops that explore use cases on topics such as 5G, Industrial Analytics and blockchain.

Best practice from 5G to blockchain

Reliable communication with a minimal response time (latency) is a key requirement for 5G applications. Attendees at the workshop on ‘5G use cases with minimal latency’ will explore the central role played by Edge Computing and the opportunities for implementing this type of network architecture. Rittal will be complementing the workshop with a talk entitled ‘Discover the Edge. Smart Solutions. Real Business’, including a presentation of real, tried-and-tested Edge solutions for 5G.

Blockchain technologies can be used to protect large quantities of data via encryption and access management, or for collating and analysing data on a cross company basis. What are the benefits for payment transactions and other business processes? How can it help companies to reduce the cost of internal and external financial transactions, financial reporting and administration? Answers to these questions can be found in the blockchain workshop.

Furthermore, ‘Startup pitches’ are an opportunity for young companies to showcase their solutions to a range of IoT challenges to IoT event delegates.

Register free of charge for the IoT event

The IoT events will begin at midday on 4th September in Berlin, 13th September in Frankfurt and 25th September in Munich. The Rittal talk on ‘Discover the Edge. Smart Solutions. Real Business’ will take place from 1.15pm to 1.45pm at each event. Further information about the event and free registration can be found here.

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