Partnership enables secure IoT solutions based on Dash7 technology

26th June 2018
Lanna Cooper


XTERCONNECT and GENIATECH having already developed a range of professional industrial IoT solutions using LoRa technology have entered into a strategic and industrial partnership with CORTUS to develop and deliver a range of secure products and solutions for IoT using its CIoT25 low power IoT platform based on Dash7 technology.

XTERCONNECT is an IoT innovation and solutions company based in southern France, committed to developing secure IoT solutions, easy to integrate with partner legacy or new sensors and devices, as well as having its own range of IoT gateways and sensors allowing them all to seamlessly connect to any IoT network and cloud platform.

XTERCONNECT innovate and develop IoT solutions primarily for industrial IoT customers in partnership with GENIATECH, its strategic partner and investor.

GENIATECH is a Shenzhen based company and global ODM / OEM manufacturer for technology, focusing on IoT and Media and supplying innovative solutions for hardware and software designs based on all operating systems.

CORTUS is a semiconductor and embedded systems solutions company providing a large range of embedded systems solutions including HW, SW, processors (including RISC-V ISA processors), digital, analogue and RF IP, prototyping and verification solutions across different market segments.

In 2018, Cortus has successfully completed its new CIoT25 low power IoT platform based on Dash7 Alliance technology and remain key driver and promoter of Dash7A technology.

The strategic partnership will focus on truly addressing each segment of the entire IoT value chain from Dash7A and security at semiconductor level through products and solutions based on it, to global distribution through strategic partnerships, ensuring that IoT customers worldwide benefit from delivery of what we define as SSASS (Secure, Seamless, Affordable and Scalable Solutions).

The management of XTERCONNECT said: “We are very pleased by what the Cortus platform based on Dash7 technology will offer, not only addressing customer needs but focusing on making a more secure IoT for industrial and residential markets, and we are excited to enter into this strategic long term partnership.

GENIATECH President, Mr Fang said: “Based on our joint skillset, experience and approach to the market, together with the ability to enable value across the entire IoT chain, we believe we can propose the right solutions for our customers."

Michael Chapman, President of CORTUS said: "We welcome both Geniatech and Xterconnect as strategic industrial partners and are pleased to enable development of new products & solutions to scale our platform and Dash7 technology to an industrial level."

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