Kids safety device pivots to COVID-19 critical aid

24th April 2020
Alex Lynn

Before the COVID-19 crisis, Secufy’s business case was based on the need of parents to accurately, and at a reasonable price, locate children in the event they were lost or in danger. It was also beginning to gain traction in the hotel industry as an employee alert device.

The IoT device which has global connectivity has received positive feedback and Secufy has grown steadily since launch in April 2019. That has all changed in the last eight weeks as the company began to see a huge spike in interest and enquiries from health organisations across the world looking for solutions to plug critical care communication challenges.

Demand for Secufy’s IoT Button to solve critical use cases within health organisations has meant scaling production 100x in a very short time frame. 

Main use cases, where the Secufy Button is being deployed in healthcare:

  • Patients who are sent home with weak symptoms after having tested positive for COVID-19 are given a Secufy IoT Button. Should the patient's condition worsen, they simply press the button which alerts clinicians through a pre-defined comms channel. This circumnavigates normal telephone helplines which are overloaded.
  • Nurse call systems within hospitals are overloaded and unable to distinguish between a patient that needs water and a patient that needs critical help. The stand alone Secufy Button is deployed providing an instant secondary comms infrastructure.
  • The elderly and vulnerable who are self isolating receive a Secufy Button that cascades an alert to family members in the event of an emergency at an affordable price. 
  • The Secufy Button can also be used to act as a tracker to ensure quarantine is being adhered to or to notify family members if an elderly relative has been out (and not returned). 

Holger Mannweiler, founder and CEO of Secufy, said: “We have had orders from health organisations in Spain, Italy and the Middle East and the volumes required mean we are having to scale at speed to meet demand.  Our IoT button is simple and reliable and because it works anywhere in the world and is a cost effective means it is applicable to solve global critical care communications problems. 

“What started out as an idea to protect my own children and is now being used to help the most vulnerable is exciting and humbling at the same time.”

The Secufy Button is manufactured by Barcelona based Versa Design, is waterproof and sanitisable. Its alert function provides three months battery life while the tracking function (when activated continuously) gives the device four days battery life. Secufy uses Thingstream’s low power IoT network to provide the IoT communication layer, which works in 190 countries world-wide on any network. 

The consumer version of the Secufy Button costs €79.00 with an annual subscription of €49.00. Orders in bulk receive scaled discounts.  

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