IoT toolkit enables easy integration of edge devices

14th December 2016
Alice Matthews

Specialist in the support of engineers at all stages of embedded safety-critical and high-integrity projects, Phaedrus Sytems, has announced the availabilty of Icon Labs’ Floodgate IoT Security Toolkit. The solution enables IoT edge devices to be easily and securely integrated with IoT cloud platforms, including Verizon’s ThingSpace IoT Cloud Platform.

The solution provides security management for remote IoT devices from a single user interface.

"Security of IoT devices has become a major issue," said Chris Hills, CTO, Phaedrus Systems. "With Icon Labs’ Floodgate IoT Security Toolkit designers have an interactive and scalable drop-in security solution that protects IoT devices from the growing threat of cyber-attacks. It provides robust and easy to implement end-to-end security management for IoT devices - allowing a client application to harden and manage endpoints from the cloud."

Connectivity to the cloud platform is over a secure communication link for both normal device operation and for security management. The solution includes critical security countermeasures to protect the device from attack, intrusion detection to identify when the device is being attacked, and security management to respond to attacks. Alerts from the intrusion detection module inform the user of security anomalies. These alerts are sent to the security management systems, allowing changes to security policies to be pushed out to each device in real-time. The management system also supports software updates to be securely transmitted and installed, all using the same management interface. Critical security countermeasures included are secure boot, encrypted communication, an endpoint firewall, and mutual authentication based on PKI certificates.

According to the company, the Floodgate IoT Security Toolkit is the industry’s most complete security platform for IoT devices, providing a full suite of device protection, secure credentialing services, and integration with IoT cloud services. The toolkit includes the following Floodgate Security Framework elements: secure boot, secure software updates, firewall, intrusion detection, MQTT, TLS, key management/SCEP and a management agent.

This solution is available today and has been integrated with Verizon’s ThingSpace IoT Platform and Verizon’s IoT Secure Credentialing Servicer (IoT SC), and demonstrated on the Renesas Synergy platform from Renesas Electronics America. The Floodgate toolkit supports any embedded OS including embedded Linux, Nucleus, ThreadX, UC/OS-III, LynxOS, VxWorks and other RTOSes.

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