IoT gateway offers direct and easy connection to the cloud

27th February 2019
Lanna Cooper

Shiratech Solutions has announced the IoT Cube Box, an IoT gateway that offers direct and easy connection to the cloud. IoT Cube Box is the first product of its kind fitted with the new STM32MP1 series microprocessor from ST announced earlier this week. With its clever combination of MPU and software, ST assembled all the pieces to match product supply requirements - and Shiratech customers will benefit from ST’s rolling ten years longevity commitment.

Ishay Kokavka, CEO, Shiratech Solutions, explained: “We are excited to launch the IoT Cube Box at this point in time, becoming the first manufacturer in the world to make full use of the new STM32 heterogeneous architecture. The IoT Cube Box will leverage this new microprocessor’s fast processing and real time tasks on a single chip, achieving the greatest power efficiency thanks to its combination of Arm Cortex-A and Cortex-M cores.”

IoT Cube Box is designed specifically for use in smart home, smart city and white goods applications. It makes full use of the STM32MP1 series strengths, running at up to 650MHz and operating a high performance Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller core running at 209MHz.

“We continue to develop more products with the likes of Analog Devices, ST Micro and Arrow Electronics” continued Mr. Kokavka. With Embedded World just around the corner, the company also released recently iCoMox, an open development platform for the Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) of industrial equipment, assets and structures. A team of Shiratech representatives will be present at Embedded World next week to discuss the company’s full range of products and development services."

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