How do you make sure that you are IoT ready?

25th July 2017
Joe Bush

When it comes to the IoT, there are huge challenges involved in moving beyond proof of concept projects into real commercial, large scale IoT deployments. 

A recently launched toolkit from GetIoTReady is providing six essential resources to help identify readiness levels for the IoT mass market. Each asset explores in great depth the vital areas for consideration and are provided in the order that your IoT readiness journey will follow.

As enterprises become increasingly familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), activities are moving on from isolated concept testing, trial deployments and pilot projects. There are immense challenges involved in moving beyond the development sandbox and into real commercial, large scale deployments. Several key ingredients are required that trial projects have been able to run without being in place but, with the projected billions of connections poised to become a reality, it’s time to ask the serious and fundamental question: Are you IoT ready?

The six resources included in the toolkit include IoT Service Platforms, Application Enablement Platforms, Scalability, The Build vs. Buy Question, How to Select the Right IoT Platform, and How to Figure out the ROI for IoT.

Are you IoT ready?

Register for the tool kit here.

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