High-efficiency processing for cellular communications in IoT devices

13th April 2018
Lanna Cooper


CEVA has announced that it has been declared a winner in the China Electronic Market (CEM) 2017 Editor's Choice Awards. The award recognises the CEVA-X1 IoT Processor as 'The most competitive MCU and DSP product in China'.

The CEVA-X1 IoT processor implements a single-core DSP+CPU architecture, specifically designed to address the severe size, power and cost constraints imposed by the latest eMTC Cat-M1 and eNB-IoT Cat-NB2 standards, as well as future FeMTC and 5G cellular IoT deployments.

"We are delighted to accept this prestigious award for our CEVA-X1 IoT processor, particularly at a time when cellular IoT services are being launched around the world," said Michael Boukaya, Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless Business Unit at CEVA.

"NB-IoT is set to connect billions of IoT devices to the cellular networks in the coming years. Our CEVA-X1 processor is at the core of our DragonFly NB1 platform that vastly simplifies our customers development of NB-IoT chips for a wide range of applications, including the smart home, smart utilities, asset tracking, and security, as well as environmental, industrial and agricultural monitoring and control."

The CEVA-Dragonfly NB1 pre-integrates together the CEVA-X1 processor, an optimised RF, a baseband, and a protocol software to offer a complete Release 14 Cat-NB2 modem IP solution that reduces time-to-market and lowers entry barriers.

The CEVA-X1 in the system can also serve as a multi-purpose, multi-mode processing hub for a range of tightly-associated IoT workloads, including Wi-Fi 802.11n, 802.11ac, Bluetooth/BLE, ZigBee/Thread, LoRa, SIGFOX, narrowband voice, GNSS and sensor fusion.

Crucially, the CEVA-X1 can handle multiple processing workloads simultaneously, allowing developers complete flexibility in tailoring their systems to meet the requirements of any IoT use case.

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