Geolocation solution For LoRa IoT devices demonstrated

4th October 2018
Alex Lynn

Dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, Kerlink, will demonstrate its full device-geolocation technology at The Things Network Slovenia event and the first The Things Conference on Tour event in Slovenia, in cooperation with IRNAS Institute, a Slovenian lab dedicated to developing advanced solutions for IoT devices, wireless optical communication systems and other technologies.

Kerlink will also deliver a keynote presentation on geolocation and host a workshop on the technology during the October 4th event at IZUM, the Institute of Information Science.

Kerlink’s Wanesy Geolocation technology allows precise location of end-devices without GPS in-doors and outside. It relies on three or more access gateways receiving signals (or frames) from a LoRaWAN end-device. Each payload received is precisely time stamped on reception by the gateway and all carrier-grade LoRaWAN stations’ internal clocks are highly synchronised to optimise the stamp accuracy. Using the exact position of each network access gateway and the nanosecond differences between signal receptions, the time difference of arrival (TDoA), an expert algorithm can precisely calculate the location of a LoRaWAN end-device.

Luka Mustafa, founder and CEO of the institute and organiser of the event in Maribor, stated: “Institute IRNAS invited Kerlink to this event in Maribor because the company is known throughout the industry for having a solid and flexible geolocation solution that can be easily deployed remotely in existing or new IoT-dedicated networks. In addition, Kerlink, which has differentiated itself by rolling out large and small private IoT networks in many countries around the world, has a head start in the Adriatic region because of its distribution agreement with AdriNet.”

Guillaume Boisgontier, Innovative Products and Solutions Marketing Manager for Kerlink Advanced Services business unit, added: “Geolocation is one of the most compelling Internet of Things applications. While almost all IoT solutions can support geolocation, only low-power wide-area (LPWA) network technologies like LoRaWAN can deliver this native service for any type of device, granting long battery life, cost efficiency, localised accuracy and simplicity to use.

“In Slovenia and the Adriatic region, we will target companies that already work in the device-tracking industry with legacy technologies and that would be interested in leveraging LoRa as a pervasive technology to extend their services to additional range of equipment and use cases. Additionally, as in every market that we serve, we also target large-and-small companies and municipalities that would benefit from our geolocation technology to power an increasing number on use cases.”

Kerlink’s keynote presentation, ‘LoRa Geolocation: Reduce Your Cost and Address New Projects Thanks to LPWA Network’, will begin at 9:15 in the IZUM institute and will be presented by Valentin Rabaud, EMEA Sales Engineer. The event workshops begin at 5:20pm.

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