Embedded IoT computers and servers on display at embedded world

8th January 2018
Alice Matthews

Global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), Kontron, will present a range of new products at the embedded world 2018 trade fair from 28th February to 1st March 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, in hall 1, booth 478. Products include a Fog computing starter kit with a TSN networking card for getting started with Time Sensitive Networking (IEEE 802.1) and OPC UA publisher, FusionClient familiy and FlatClient family panel PCs, and a new Embedded Server ZINC 'Cube' comprising the latest Intel processors.

In addition, Computer-on-Modules, motherboards and single board computers of various price categories and performance classes with the latest Intel, AMD and NXP processors will be presented. Kontron will also unveil the latest Computer-On-Module form factor Q7 in addition to COM Express and SMARC 2.0.

Visitors to embedded world 2018 can learn more about how Kontron, together with the S&T group, supports companies in their digitisation and IoT strategies down to the field level with the latest technology, products and services. The trade fair presence's highlight is a Time Sensitive Networking starter kit. It enables companies to seamlessly connect the field level, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). The starter kit consists of a KBox C-102 as the industrial computer for the central control through the integrated TSN networking card and the appropriate software.

TSN demonstration with Embedded Cloud components at the booth
Kontron presents a Embedded Cloud live demo based on a TSN system and OPC UA connected to various IoT and TSN devices such as an Embedded server at embedded world.

The TSN specification guarantees the timely, high-availability delivery of data packets. In industrial environments, such as machine control applications in production, convergent, Ethernet-based TSN with guaranteed latency and Quality of Service (QoS) with time synchronisation can replace proprietary fieldbus systems and seamlessly communicate through to the IT layer. This makes real IIoT or Industry 4.0 based on Ethernet protocol standards possible.

Embedded server with Intel Xeon processor
Tailored for its Embedded Cloud vision and Edge- and Fog computing, Kontron presents its first available Embedded server: the successor of the 'Cube' evaluation platform already unveiled with a Single Intel Xeon processor in a compact, cost-optimised design with extended storage functionality.

HMI with touch control for industrial applications
In manufacturing lines and production plants, the trend is towards touch controlled visual user interfaces to control machines and systems. To withstand the rough conditions in industrial settings, Kontron offers two product families of industrial-suited HMI: FusionClient and FlatClient. Both families are on display at embedded world, equipped with the latest generation of Intel CoreT i7 processors.

New IoT gateways based on Single-Board-Computer (SBC)
The latest KBox A-250 based on a PicoITX-2.5"-SBC comes equipped with the latest Intel Atom processors. Its favorable price makes it well-suited for use as an entry IoT gateway and at low interface demand.

New from Kontron: Computer-on-modules with Q7 form factor
At embedded world Kontron will present computer-on-modules with a Q7 form factor, which be will offered alongside the COM Express and SMARC 2.0T form factors going forward. These modules are already available with NXP i.MX and Intel Atom processors for SMARC. With its new Q7 form factor products, Kontron addresses customers using products of this format already, opening a migration path to the SMARC 2.0 standard.

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