ELSTER launches Beacon 3100 G3-PLC certified data concentrator

8th January 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Elster has announced that its data concentrator, the Beacon 3100 is the first European G3-PLC data concentrator certified to Cenelec A standard. The Beacon is Elster’s hybrid data collection platform that implements a suite of high-end communication technologies for field deployed Smart Grid applications.

The Beacon 3100 is interoperable by having a G3-PLC Alliance compliant interface downstream, combined with an interchangeable 3G modem for upstream communication using open standard DLMS protocol. This design guarantees interoperability and therefore avoids vendor lock-ins. G3-PLC is an industry standard developed for smart grid applications based on Power-Line-Communication.

Reinhard Zulauf, Elster, says: “This is an exciting time for Elster, we are proud to be leading innovators in Europe, made possible through our powerful and flexible technology. This is the most secure and cost-efficient solution for communication in smart metering. The new Beacon 3100 reflects such leadership and is fully interoperable with other meters, making it safe and robust for immediate deployment and integration.”

Alexandra Burke, G3-PLC Alliance said: “The G3-PLC compliant solution from Elster has been designed to provide a complete end-to-end secure platform from the Smart Meter to the innovative Beacon 3100, all the way through from the Data Management solution. It is the first data collection platform in Europe to be certified to Cenelec A standard, which we fully support.”

The Elster Beacon platform has been demonstrated in various pilot projects throughout Europe and the Middle East region.

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