eBook examines AIoT fundamentals and opportunities

29th June 2020
Mick Elliott

“The era of AIoT: Context, Capabilities and Future of AIoT” is a new eBook released by distributor Farnell.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the nature of work across the globe. AI is not a new concept, what began in the 1950s has grown into a key technology of today with significant potential, opening up new market opportunities with exciting prospects for business.

Farnell says that we are already witnessing the major impact of AI not only on our day-to-day lives; from smart home assistants to security and surveillance, but also in the retail and medical segments.

McKinsey forecasts the global market of AIoT-based software, hardware and services is set to grow by as much as 25% a year and projected to be worth $130 Billion by 2025.

This data shows that our future lives will be heavily dependent on AI.

The e-book provides an in-depth roadmap of AI, explains the relationship between AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) and offers available platforms to get started with AI-based IoT solutions. 

Ankur Tomar, Technical Marketing Manager, Farnell said:We are happy to bring this book to you at a time when everyone is talking about how AI will revolutionise our lives. The e-book explains AI, its types, capabilities and applications exhaustively for our readers.”

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