Duo partner to ship complete IoT platform on board

25th October 2018
Lanna Cooper


Advantech and NEXIONA have announced a standalone IoT platform, built by combining Nexiona’s MIIMETIQ LITE application and Advantech’s ARK-1123 Embedded Gateway. 

A major driver in encouraging businesses to adopt IoT is to make it easy to test the technology and prove the business value. 

  • Advantech IoT Proof of Concept, has everything needed to capture and visualise data from any type of device, set up alarms and create reports; in fact, everything needed, in one box, without the need to commit to cloud hosting or disrupt day to day operations.

Edge devices with increasingly sophisticated on-board intelligence are required to cope with the explosion in IoT data.

  •  Advantech Edge, captures and processes data before delivery to other in-house systems and analyses before sending only meaningful data to the cloud. This powerful appliance keeps decision making close to the action allowing for local monitoring and immediate detection and response to fault conditions.

Visit Advantech’s Smart Building area at Electronica in Munich from 13th-16th November 2018 to see how Advantech Edge helps System Integrators solve the problem of collecting and combining data from multiple different building systems onto a common platform and, using MIIMETIQ’s flexible API, integrating this data with the Building Management system or cloud-based analytics for preventative maintenance.

“We are delighted to work with NEXIONA, their software takes full advantage of the powerful processing and connectivity capabilities of Advantech’s Industrial IoT Gateways. It opens up exciting new possibilities for Industrial customers wishing to quickly to run a Proof of Concept and build IoT systems which use Cloud resources efficiently through the use of powerful edge analytics” said Jeroen Baerents, Business Development Manager at Advantech.

“By combining Advantech’s Industrial strength hardware with Nexiona’s software tools we’ve jointly created a very flexible standalone IoT Platform which doesn’t exclude delivering data to the cloud but will appeal to Industrial customers who are sensitive about their data and wish to introduce IoT technology, in-house, in a manageable, non-disruptive way and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.” said Jeff Stewart, Director Product Management at NEXIONA.

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