Digital experiments need a lightbulb moment

13th November 2018
Anna Flockett


A new whitepaper that describes how digital experimentation with the Internet of Things (IoT) leads to innovation has been published by ADLINK. The ‘Culture of invention leads to IoT success,’ whitepaper looks at potential solutions for creating a clearer path to innovative IoT.

“The path taken by inventors such as Thomas Edison demonstrates how innovation often results not from one bright idea but from the exploration of many different options,” said Andy Penfold, Director of Offering Management at ADLINK, the author of the white paper. “The key to Edison’s success with invention was experimentation and how important it is to experiment at a relatively small scale before moving to deployment. He had no wish to rush to market with a design that could not be manufactured cost-effectively or would not work to scale.”

The numerous ways in which early experimentation can inform the development of IoT implementations is clearly outlined. The benefits of starting small scale is that the team can think big and learn fast without a large outlay. However, integrating disparate IoT devices, software and services can be a challenge. Penfold proposes that a readymade platform, offered as a subscription, can provide all the relevant elements required for a variety of projects and experiments that are run simultaneously in a manner that minimises risk for the user.  

“This divide-and-conquer strategy that uses early experimentation to let implementers gain knowledge as quickly as possible provides a way to cut out the many obstacles to success,” concluded Penfold.

Download the white paper to discover more about experimentation, which reduces the risks and repercussions of failures, while increasing your chances of inventing IoT successes

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