Connected refrigerators unveiled for smart homes

26th September 2017
Alice Matthews

At IFA Berlin 2017, major appliances brand, Haier, presented its range of connected and touch screen controlled home appliances. These products are equipped with high-tech features without a compromise on quality and design. Haier offers an advanced range of refrigerators, each equipped with a simple and intuitive interface that gives practical information on the product thanks to the integrated sensors.

The contents of the refrigerator can be recognised using cameras cleverly integrated in the door. This allows users to get information on the freshness, expiration dates as well as food nutritional quality. In addition, Link Cook appliances will suggest recipes based on the refrigerator’s contents in order to avoid unnecessary food wastage.

With its easy-to-use interface, the refrigerator also becomes a communication and entertainment tool for the entire household (online cooking recipes, weather forecast, radio, social networks, TV, email access).

Haier Duo Dry, the smart way to do laundry
The Haier Duo Dry is a washer and dryer that revolutionised the way people do their laundry with its double drum and washing and dryer functions. Through WiFi, the Duo Dry offers its customers the option of monitoring their laundry’s progress in real time on their smartphones. Users can therefore remotely programme and control washing cycles from wherever they are.

Moreover, with the Duo Dry’s 7" touchscreen and its intelligent interface, consumers can be guided by the washing machine (automatic dosing, suggestion of an appropriate programme according to the level of dirt in the linen) This interface has received the Red Dot Design Award.

In addition, the Haier Duo Dry will also be integrated with Amazon Dash Replenishment. This service will allow the washing machine to measure the level of detergent, descaler and fabric softener available, as well as automatically reorder supplies from Amazon before they run out. Users will simply activate the Dash Replenishment function and the appliance will place an order for new items from Amazon exactly when customers need it.

Haier U+ SMART HOME, the home’s interconnected and intelligent ecosystem
For the first time in Europe, Haier previewed a demonstration of interconnected devices at their IFA stand. This allowed visitors to experience the innovations made possible by the Haier U+ SMART HOME platform, a system that allows household appliances to interact with each other.

For cooking, the oven is automatically programmed depending on which recipe has been selected via the refrigerator screen. The cooker hood is also equipped with a screen that displays the chosen recipe.

These innovations demonstrate once again Haier’s ability to design practical solutions inspired by its 'Zero Distance' strategy of constantly listening to its consumers and anticipating their needs.

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