CO2 indicator light for Cala switch series

24th May 2023
Sheryl Miles

Cala KNX IL is a coloured luminaire for a wide range of applications in the KNX system.

The design is coordinated with the Cala switch series from Elsner Elektronik and impresses with a flat construction and elegant glass surface. One version is available for standard 55mm frames and one for the Swiss 60mm system.

The illuminated area lights up green, yellow, or red. This can be used, for example, to indicate room occupancy or to visualise other messages and warnings. Flashing is also possible. When switched off, the glass surface in the switch frame integrates unobtrusively into the interior.

A special field of application is the visualisation of room air quality. The Cala KNX IL CO2 indicator light is available for this purpose. A built-in sensor switches the light field from green to yellow to red depending on the carbon dioxide content of the air. In this way, Cala KNX IL CO2 can contribute to a healthier room climate. Depending on the application, the colour prompts manual ventilation or automatic ventilation is started via the KNX bus.

Not only can the integrated ventilation control be configured via KNX, but also the status can be forwarded, the lights can be switched off at night and more. In addition, all other control options for the light field are also available with Cala KNX IL CO2. In this way, safety-relevant messages such as fire or burglar alarms can also be displayed.

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