Advantech technology showcases at Mobile World Congress 2018

15th February 2018
Anna Flockett

Advantech has announced its MWC plans which include aiming to accelerate ecosystem deployment of next generation networking platforms that transform the software defined network infrastructure, and enable end-to-end technologies connecting wireless sensors and IoT gateways seamlessly to the Cloud.

The company’s presence at Mobile World Congress, amidst a growing number of ecosystem partner’s booths, will showcase the company’s latest developments in networking technology and connectivity, demonstrating the increasing strength of co-creation in the next phase of IoT implementation.

Multi-access edge computing with ITRI, trend micro & Wind River
ITRI will demonstrate its research from ETSI MEC PoC #10 running on Advantech’s Packetarium XLc, an extremely dense and compact Micro Data Centre in a box with 288 Intel Xeon cores and large-scale Edge Cloud storage capacities. Attendees will experience the benefits of Wind River Titanium Cloud providing a carrier-grade platform for ITRI’s service offload and bandwidth management coupled with low-latency application processing at the network edge. Visitors will discover the impact on applications that previously relied on remote data centre cloud and learn how a new generation of service aware applications can be successfully deployed at the Edge. Demonstrations at ITRI booth in Hall 5 #5A61. 

Edge Cloud, Fog and IoT
For applications requiring less computing resources than Packetarium XLc, Advantech’s range of scalable network appliances and high performance, industrial SKY servers provide true server-class processing with rich and secure connectivity options that can provide low latency data pre-processing, stream processing and analytics. Complementing Advantech’s portfolio of IoT devices and gateways, these platforms help to close the gaps in the network infrastructure for IoT deployments that can meet desired QoS metrics. At the ARM booth, visitors will learn how Advantech WISE-PaaS enables customers to access numerous IoT solutions through the WISE-PaaS marketplace and co-create IoT innovations that will enable future IoT services. 

vRouter for Secure Multi-site, Multi-cloud networks with 6WIND & Cloudify
6WIND will present a high performance vRouter for 4G/5G backhaul, Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) and Universal Customer Premise (uCPE) use cases. The vRouter secures multi-site, multi-cloud networks, running bare metal, in a VM or a cloud of choice on Advantech servers. 6WIND Turbo Router, and Turbo IPsec’s BGP routing and IPsec VPN tunnels are deployed, then orchestrated by Cloudify, configured by CLI, Linux or XML, instantiated in OpenStack and monitored by Grafana. Advantech’s SKY-8101 provides the white box networking hardware platform in a short depth, 1RU single-socket Intel Xeon Scalable processor server with a wide choice of GbE, 10GbE & 40GbE connectivity. Showcase at 6WIND booth In Hall 5 #5B85.

Universal CPE and SD-WAN
Operators and enterprises alike are investing in new ways to drive costs out of the current infrastructure by implementing uCPE and SD-WAN technologies that drastically improve network flexibility and management. Advantech is organising live networking demos, featuring software from key uCPE and SD-WAN ecosystem partners. The mobile demos can be booked in advance and shown at Advantech’s meeting room in Hall 5 #5L16MR and at any location throughout the event. Attendees will discover a range of uCPE white boxes for small-to-medium business deployment that implement LTE, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity providing scalable compute performance based on the Intel Atom Processor C2000 and C3000 series. Pre-arranged demos at Advantech in Hall 5 #5L16MR.

Advantech AI Solutions
Advantech is partnering with Linker Networks at MWC18 to provide a total AI platform solution with hardware and software components. The Linker AI software stack is optimised to run in full power on Advantech products with advanced features of workflow management intelligence, continuous learning, real-time inference, smart annotation, high reliability and low latency NFV infrastructure. Advantech’s SKY-6400 GPU server based on Intel Xeon Scalable Series provides powerful acceleration with single and multi-node GPU support. The server is designed and optimised for deep learning infrastructure management. The Advantech Inference System, MIC-7500 offers SDK and pre-trained models for various application such as transportation, factories and retail, which facilitates the development process on the customer’s side. Demonstrations at ITRI booth in Hall 5 #5A61. 

Fast Track for NFVI
Operators who are looking to shorten time to market for optimised software defined networking solutions based on network functions virtualisation infrastructure (NFVI) can preview the Advantech platforms planned to support the Intel Select Fast Track Kit for NFVI initiative. Based on the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family, which delivers increased scalability and enhanced performance for NFV applications - the kit is designed as a self-contained NFV infrastructure platform.

The Intel Select Fast Track Kit for NFVI includes a hardened configuration of hardware, firmware, and software optimised for essential NFV workloads, performance characterisation and optimisation tools, a demo with traffic generator and workloads, installer, and user guide. Pre-arranged previews at Advantech in Hall 5 #5L16MR.

VEGA Video Acceleration Solutions
Many 5G use cases are tightly linked to video such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Ultra-High Definition (UHD) 4K and 8K live streaming. These new revenue-generating applications make use of the increased bandwidth, lower latency and improved agility of the 5G network, and will require extensive high-resolution video processing at different points in the network infrastructure. Advantech’s evolving VEGA portfolio comprises a range of efficient and high performance video acceleration platforms that can be integrated into the new mobile infrastructure and offer the required video computing power to optimise video-centric 5G use cases at the lowest possible power. Operators and service providers will be able to leverage VEGA platforms and technologies that already have an established presence in the professional video industry. Pre-arranged meetings at Advantech in Hall 5 #5L16MR.

TAITRA Press Conference
Advantech will present at the Taiwan Excellence Product Launch Press Conference which covers the most up-to-date and cutting edge products coming out of Taiwan today. Taiwan’s Information ICT industry pushes the boundaries of innovation, emphasises research and development, and propels domestic brands forward. With an increasing focus on innovation, design and brand building, Taiwan aims to seize a greater share of the value chain and boost its competitiveness worldwide. The press conference takes place from 11:00 to 12:30 in Hall 8.0 NEXTech Theatre E.

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