2023 Advantech Industrial IoT World Partner Conference

8th November 2023
Paige West

Advantech recently conducted its Industrial IoT World Partner Conference under the banner of ‘Collaborating for the Next AIoT Frontier’.

The event spanned two days, featuring a collection of forums and unveiling a series of new products. Aligning with its updated industry-specific strategy, the conference shed light on two pivotal product development pathways: the adoption of Industrial Edge Computing to propel AIoT and the advancement of Industrial Automation Devices & Solutions. The event honed in on four key vertical markets: Smart Factory, Smart Equipment, Green Energy, and Intelligent Transportation, as well as spotlighting two critical technological advancements: Accelerated Computing & Video and Software-Defined Network & OT Security.

Linda Tsai, President of the Industrial IoT Group at Advantech, remarked on the occasion of the company's 40th anniversary: “Advantech is poised at the cusp of the AIoT era. Our aim, in collaboration with our partners, is to delve into 'AIoT plus Edge Computing', seeking new vistas of business opportunities and reinforcing our stature as a premier brand in the IPC market.”

Linda highlighted Advantech's acknowledgement of prominent trends in the Industrial Internet of Things realm, such as Industrial AI, Secured Edge, Edge as Services, and AIoT Digital Solutions, underscoring a firm commitment to sustainability and ESG principles. "Our pursuit is to craft sustainable solutions that align with AIoT megatrends, empowering our customers to leverage these developments to augment their operations and cater to the distinct demands across various sectors. Our solutions are thoughtfully engineered to confront industry-specific hurdles," she added.

The conference's principal forum focused on the themes of collaborative creation and sustainability. Dr. Deepu Talla from NVIDIA, serving as Vice President and General Manager of Embedded and Edge Computing, delivered insights on ‘Digitising the World's Largest Industries with Edge AI and Robotics.’ Cathy Yeh, Principal Group PM Manager at Microsoft, shared her perspectives on ‘Accelerating Innovation with AI and the Industrial Metaverse.’

The forum also concentrated on the major vertical markets of Smart Factory, Smart Equipment, Green Energy, and Intelligent Transportation, in addition to the technological applications of Accelerated Computing and Video, and Software-Defined Network & OT Security. A succession of industry forums unfolded to exchange business strategies and forefront technologies with global partners.

The 2023 conference not only showcased Advantech's recent breakthroughs and strategies in Industrial IoT but also served as a confluence for industry connoisseurs to deliberate on prospective industry trends and market openings. With a commitment to spearheading industrial IoT innovation, Advantech continues to deliver enhanced value to customers and promote the evolution of AIoT.

In addition to the primary stage and sector-specific forums, the event gave special attention to technological trend forums like Edge AI, Secured Edge, Edge as a Service, and the WISE-PaaS IoT Digital Solution. The conference also cast the spotlight on an array of new products and hosted various cultural activities.

Drawing in over 600 clients and partners from 60 nations, the event coincided with both Advantech's 40th anniversary and the inauguration of its AIoT Co-Creation Campus. Through this gathering, Advantech aspires to examine and capture emergent AIoT trends and business opportunities, steadfast in its commitment to sustainable development, striving to fulfil its vision of Enabling an Intelligent Planet.

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