Versatile clock generators fill specific engineering needs

15th December 2014
Barney Scott

Six low-power field-programmable clock generators, in multiple configurations to match varying application types, have been added to Integrated Device Technology's VersaClock 5 family. By having different numbers and types of outputs, the products are designed to meet specific engineering needs, providing a complete clock tree while removing unnecessary outputs and expense.

IDT’s multi-output timing solutions consolidate system components with superior design flexibility, making them suitable for cost-sensitive, low-power consumer and low-jitter communications applications. The initial 5P49V5901 VersaClock 5 offering features four universal output pairs capable of producing four independent programmable frequencies up to 350MHz with programmable output types of LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL and LVCMOS and with jitter performance of only 0.7ps RMS Phase Jitter at 30mA core current consumption.

The devices offer universal outputs as well as versions with LVCMOS-only outputs, all capable of generating any output frequency up to 350MHz with the same jitter performance and core current consumption. 

The 5P49V5913 and 5P49V5914 devices have two and three universal outputs, respectively, along with a reference output, enabling customers to get the exact functionality required, in the most cost effective manner. The 5P49V592-3, -5. -7 and -9 have three, five, seven and nine LVCMOS outputs respectively, replacing multiple LVCMOS crystal oscillators with a low-power single device.

“Since being introduced in March, VersaClock 5 has garnered industry-wide attention for delivering best-in-class jitter performance at half the core power of competing devices,” said Dave Shepard, Vice President and General Manager, Timing and RF Division, IDT. “By offering six configurations with differing numbers of outputs and output types, we can enable engineers to meet their stringent jitter requirements with the same industry-leading technology as the original VersaClock 5 device.”

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