Varied RF amplifier range provides versatile options

5th December 2014
Barney Scott

Pasternack has expanded its portfolio of connected RF amplifiers, including high power, high-reliability, broadband, limiting, power, low noise and log amplifiers as well as gain blocks. Pasternack’s broad lines of coaxial amplifiers are employed in radar, electronic warfare, satcom, wireless communications, test lab instrumentation, commercial air traffic control, antenna ranges, telecomms infrastructure and sensors.

Some of the speciality amplifiers offered in the release, such as limiting amplifiers, are used to protect sensitive microwave receivers by limiting excessive input power which could potentially create unwanted distortion or even damage the receiver, while the high-reliability amplifiers are either hermetically sealed or constructed to withstand specific military environmental specifications.

Pasternack offers 107 unique amplifier modules, all with varying performance characteristics, giving customers a wide selection of components that meet their application requirements. The amplifiers offer broadband performance depending on the customer’s application requirements. Frequencies across this amplifier line range from DC to 40GHz, gain levels ranging from 10 to 60dB, P1dB from 2mW to 100W, noise figures as low as 0.8dB and gain variation down to ±0.3dB.

The majority of the RF amplifiers offered by Pasternack are equipped with SMA female connectors, while certain high frequency models come with 2.92mm female connectors. All of the cables and components that mate with these amplifiers are also available separately from Pasternack as well.

“Our fast growing lines of active components continue to be a focal point of our product development strategy which aims to provide our customers the most comprehensive selection of in-stock and off-the-shelf RF components in the industry,” says Michael Rachlin, Director of Product Management, Pasternack.

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