USound MEMS speakers enable new audio in-vehicle experiences

9th June 2022
Kiera Sowery

USound announces its entry into the automotive market with its revolutionary MEMS speaker arrays.

Surround stereo listening is limited to a sweet spot, symmetrically to the speaker set-up. Due to cars' current audio system design, passengers are outside of this area, either too close to the left speaker or too close to the right speaker, limiting the possibilities for spatially arranging the speakers in cars. With the ultra-flat and ultra-light USound MEMS speakers, and their outstanding performance in macro applications, it is possible to create the ideal listening position for each passenger no matter where they are sitting in the car. The arrays can be positioned in the car's headliner or headrest to create spatial audio and a more enjoyable sound experience for each passenger. 

USound MEMS speakers from the Ganymede series are qualified to be used in automotive interior applications and withstand extreme temperatures, meeting the automotive standards for electronic components. Also, MEMS speakers from the Conamara series are qualified in a temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C.

“The automotive industry is always looking for ways to improve the listening experience for the passenger. With our MEMS speakers, the car audio system can be customized to create a Hi-Res audio sweet spot for each passenger that enhances audio clarity for navigation, in-car calls, and music,” said Andrea Rusconi, CTO at USound. 

USound is currently sampling major automotive OEMs.

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