Tight stability clock oscillators for defence applications

25th November 2016
Alice Matthews

A range of clock oscillators from Statek has been launched by Euroquartz which offer tight frequency stability of ±20ppm over the military temperature range and ±10ppm for industrial applications. Available in frequencies from 10-55MHz, the STXO range also offers low RMS jitter and low phase noise. 

Design, process, manufacturing and test capabilities have made the development of this miniature 3.2x2.5mm STXO oscillator possible.

Key performance capabilities include low RMS jitter typically less than 300fs, typical noise floor less than −161dBc/Hz, high shock survival options (>20,000g) and low Allan Deviation and period jitter (1.4ps RMS).

Supply voltage options are 2.5 and 3.3V ±10% with low current consumption of 3.0mA (no load across temperature range). Offering 15pF CMOS output load with enable/disable and tri-state functions, the Statek STXO range delivers fundamental frequency output with no PLL artefacts and is housed in a hermetically-sealed ceramic four-pad surface mount package.

Offered in versions for industrial applications over −10 to 85°C and military applications over −55 to 125°C, the STXO clock oscillators are available with full military testing per MIL PRF 55310 on request. Tighter frequency stability performance can also be provided to special order.

Additional specifications include start-up time of 5ms maximum, rise/fall time of 5ns maximum, duty cycle of 45% minimum/55% maximum and low ageing of 2ppm in first year.

Defence and aerospace applications include smart munitions, communications, guidance and navigation.

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