RFID transponder operates from -50 to +160°C

25th July 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

A RFID transponder suitable for use in harsh environments, has been released by HARTING. Due to its combination of robustness, high protection and resistance to high temperatures, the Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) performs particularly well in harsh environments. The transponder measures 41x11x5.15mm, has a memory of 3kB and an operating temperature of -50 to +160°C.

The Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT), which is EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compatible, is suitable for on-site applications in maintenance, repair and operations in industrial environments. As well as this, the transponder also meets the increasing need in integrated industrial plants for RFID transponders that are capable of recording and storing extra information, such as the documentation of the maintenance history of a safety-critical object.

Having originally been developed to meet the requirements of the aviation industry, the Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) meets the regulatory requirements for operation in both the EU and the US/ASIA frequency bands (865-868 and 902-928MHz) and can be used globally.

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