RF synthesiser saves MIMO, beamforming design time

17th August 2017
Mick Elliott

The LMX2594 wideband PLLatinum radio frequency (RF) synthesiser from Texas Instruments (TI) is now being shipped by Mouser Electronics. Part of TI’s PLLatinum series, the LMX2594 enables designers to easily synchronise the output of all onboard PLLs, saving design time for multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO), beamforming, and other applications.


The high-performance wideband phased-locked loop (PLL) RF synthesiser has an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) that can generate any frequency from 10MHz to 15GHz without using an internal frequency doubler, eliminating the need for complex onboard filters to remove subharmonics.

The device features best-in-class noise performance with one of the lowest normalised PLL noise floors (at -236dBc/Hz and 1/f of -129dBc/Hz), enabling designers to improve radio sensitivity and spectral resolution.

Integrated ramp generation and LDOs further simplify the design process, eliminating up to five devices typically required to perform this function.

The LMX2594 device comes equipped with a 32-bit fractional divider that allows fine frequency selection and supports both fractional-N and integer-N modes.

The device also offers 45fs RMS jitter at 7.5GHz, support for JESD204B SYSREF, phase synchronisation and ramp generation to simplify high-performance microwave and millimeter-wave system design.

Target applications for theLMX2594 include 5G and millimeter-wave wireless infrastructures, test and measurement equipment, radar, MIMO, phased array antennas and beam forming, and high-speed data converter clocking applications.

For development, Mouser also stocks the LMX2594EVM RF synthesiser evaluation module.

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