RF switch handles 200W over 30 to 512 MHZ

18th March 2021
Mick Elliott

Design and sales support for a high power, SMT RF switch has been announced by distributor RFMW.

The RFuW Engineering model number MSW6T-6000-600 is a single-pole, six-throw switch capable of handling 200W of CW RF power over the range of 30 to 512 MHz.

Peak power handling is up to 500 Watts.

Utilising high power silicon PIN diodes in a common cathode configuration for high reliability and low insertion loss of 0.1 to 0.5 dB, the MSW6T-6000-600 symmetrical switch is tailored to minimise Transmit to Antenna loss while maximising Transmit to Receive isolation.

Hybrid manufacturing processes yield superior performance offering IIP3 >65 dBm.

Typical usage includes high reliability, mission critical applications in Switch Bank Filters and Mil-Com Radios.

The switch is offered in a small form factor (8mm x 8mm x 2.5mm) package.

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