Radio platform fits all

12th December 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Designed to support digital/analogue FDMA PMR/LMR and 2-slot TDMA digital systems, a PMR common platform processor has been introduced by CML Microcircuits. Alongside the on-going requirement for a radio platform to support legacy analogue, a number of digital FDMA and TDMA PMR/LMR systems have emerged during the migration of Two-way Radio from analogue to digital. 

With each system potentially having different requirements and specification down to radio architecture level, the radio manufacturers' goal of a single cost-effective radio platform to fit all has become complex. The CMX7241/7341 PMR Common Platform Processor, which can deliver FDMA digital PMR/LMR, TDMA digital PMR/LMR and legacy analogue, sets out to address this. Based on CML's proprietary FirmASIC component technology, a Function Image can be uploaded into the device to determine its overall functions and operating characteristics.

The first Function Image focuses on digital and analogue FDMA PMR/LMR. It provides a comprehensive feature set including auxiliary functions to support the whole radio. When combined with CML's CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver IC, the CMX7241/7341 presents a flexible, highly integrated, small PCB footprint, high performance radio platform solution.

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