Quartz crystals for ZigBee wireless ICs from PETERMANN-TECHNIK

5th September 2008
ES Admin

The Quartz Crystals for Wireless Applications product range from PETERMANN-TECHNIK contains MINI SMD quartz crystals specially designed for ZigBee. The cost-effective SMD quartz crystal from the SMD03025 series is mainly used in the 3.2 x 2.5mm 4pad ceramic casing. This low cost / high performance SMD quartz crystal can be supplied in the basic sound range of 12-40 MHz (16 MHz is standard for ZigBee) and comes with frequency tolerances of +-8 ppm and above.

These ceramic casings have welded Kovar covers for the best-possible long-term data retention. The SMD quartz crystals in their ceramic casing, manufactured in ultra-clean rooms, are, with their Kovar covers, infinitely superior in quality to the versions which have only one ceramic cover. Other ZigBee quartz crystals are available to the developer in 7x5mm, 6x3.5mm and 5x3.2mm ceramic casings or in the metal casing of the HC-49/US-SMD series.
Of course, all SMD quartz crystals can also be supplied in the extended temperature range of –40/+125°C and are eligible for qualification on the basis of the AECQ200REV.C automotive standard.

In addition, the PETERMANN-TECHNIK specialists' service catalogue offers application analyses, circuit analyses, circuit development, circuit simulations and design in support as technical added value. With a highly qualified range of services, PETERMANN-TECHNIK wants to contribute towards its customers' success.

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