PLL synthesiser integrates ultra low noise VCO

11th February 2016
Mick Elliott

The ADF4355 microwave wideband synthesiser from Analog Devices is now in stock at Mouser Electronics. Designed to increase performance and quality of wireless service per cellular base station, the device is a fractional-N or integer-N phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesiser with an integrated ultra-low noise voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO).

The PLL with VCO synthesiser offers a fundamental output frequency up to 6,800 MHz — providing throughput advances for a variety of radio frequency (RF) wireless applications, including point-to-multipoint microwave links, satellite systems, VSAT systems, industrial, and test and measurement systems.      

The synthesiser integrates a VCO that offers an output frequency ranging from 3,400MHz to 6,800MHz. The VCO frequency is connected to divide by 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 circuits, allowing developers to generate RF output frequencies as low as 54 MHz.

This configuration enables the ADF4355 to cover a continuous range from 54 to 6,800 MHz without gaps.

The ultra-low VCO phase noise capabilities meet the exacting requirements for a variety of wireless and industrial design uses. In addition to the extended frequency coverage, the device also features a smaller footprint and an increasing operating range across temperature — all features to aid developers in reducing risk in their frequency-generation applications.      

Operating with 38-bit modulus resolution, the 32-lead 5 mm × 5 mm ADF4355 offers exact-mode frequency operation that is independent of reference input frequency. It operates with analogue and digital power supplies ranging from 3.15V to 3.45V, with charge pump and VCO supplies from 4.75 to 5.25V.

The device also contains hardware and software power-down modes, and uses a simple three-wire serial interface to control all of its on-chip registers.

The ADF4355 is supported by the 584-EV-ADF4355SD1Z evaluation board, also available from Mouser Electronics.

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