Pentek 6GHz ultra-wideband Talon RF/IF rackmount recorder extends bandwidths

1st September 2020
Alex Lynn

Pentek has introduced a new addition to the Talon Series of recorders, the Model RTR 2742 4U 19-inch rackmount recorder. The Talon RTR 2742 is a turn-key record and playback system for ultra-wideband analogue RF/IF signals. Using two 12-bit, 6.4GHz A/D converters, this system can achieve sustained recording of 2.4GHz bandwidth signals at rates up to 6 GBytes per second.

It can be configured as a one- or two-channel system and can record real samples or complex I+Q digitally down-converted samples.

Complemented by a 16-bit, 6.4GHz D/A converter, the RTR 2742 is capable of playing back analogue signal bandwidths up to 1.28GHz. Built-in digital down- and up-converters provide flexible bandwidth and tuning frequency selection for both record and playback.

“Many communications and radar applications operate across ultra-wideband frequencies. Now we can satisfy the many customers who need to digitize and record these signals with bandwidths as high as 2.4GHz,” noted Rodger Hosking, vice-president, Pentek. “With the Talon RTR 2742, engineers can capture the whole spectrum in a single wideband channel, eliminating the need to break up the signal into smaller bands, covering adjacent slices of the spectrum.”

The industrial grade 4U 19” rackmount chassis of the RTR 2742, with hot-swappable data drives, front-panel USB ports and I/O connectors on the rear panel, is optimized for cooling and ruggedized to operate in challenging environments.

The RTR 2742 includes a 12-bit 6.4GHz A/D that can be clocked at rates from 1.6 to 6GHz in single-channel mode. Data can be truncated and packed as 8-bit samples, to support continuous recording up to the maximum sample rate.

The D/A is capable of reproducing signals with up to 1.28GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and includes a wide range of interpolations. The RTR 2742 provides up to 122TB of front panel removable solid-state storage for hours of real-time, high-bandwidth signal recording.

Ease of operation

All Talon recorders are built on a Microsoft Windows platform and include Pentek’s SystemFlow software, featuring a GUI (graphical user interface), the Signal Viewer and API (Application Programming Interface). The GUI provides intuitive controls for out-of-the-box turn-key operation using point-and-click configuration management.

Configurations are easily stored and recalled for single-click setup. The Signal Viewer provides a virtual oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to monitor signals before, during and after data collection. The C-callable API allows users to integrate the recorder control into larger application systems. Enhancements to the GUI allow more efficient configuration of the recording channels.

The data format used for storage follows the NTFS standard, allowing users to remove drives from the instrument and read the data using standard Windows-based systems, eliminating the need for file format conversion.

Free demo

Pentek provides a Talon Recording System Simulator for evaluation of the SystemFlow software package. This free trial package is available for download here.

Talon family summary

  • RTV Value Series: Low-cost rackmount systems for laboratory environments.
  • RTS Commercial Series: Rackmount systems for laboratory environments.
  • RTR Portable Series: Rugged portable systems for field use.
  • RTR Rackmount Series: Rugged rackmount systems for field use.
  • RTX Extreme Series: Rugged rackmount systems for extreme environments.

The Talon RTR 2742 rugged recorder starts at $71,179. Delivery is eight to ten weeks ARO. Options for memory, storage capacity, RAID configuration, Ethernet offload ports, GPS time and position stamping, IRIG-B time stamping and 28V DC power supply are available.

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