MMIC gain block eliminates need for equalization

21st November 2022
Mick Elliott

The CMX90G301/2 from CML Microcircuits is a low-power 50 Ω cascadable MMIC gain block suitable for a wide variety of wireless applications operating in the 1.4 GHz to 7.1 GHz frequency range.

It is in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

The gain block has a positive gain slope of C across the band, eliminating the need for equalization and compensating for increasing system losses with frequency.

The CMX90G301/2 is highly integrated for ease of use, minimising component count and board area. RF ports are matched on-chip to 50 Ω with DC-blocking capacitors.

An active bias circuit allows the device to operate over a wide supply voltage of 2.7 V to 5 V with a typical current of 20 mA.

Use GaAs pHEMT to provide a combination of low DC power, low noise, and high gain.


  • Wide frequency range: 1.4 GHz to 7.1 GHz
  • Positive gain-slope: +1 dB (CMX90G301) / +2 dB (CMX90G302)
  • Small signal gain: 14.5 dB to 16.5 dB
  • Single positive DC supply: 2.7 V to 5 V
  • Low noise figure: 2 dB
  • Input and output matched to 50 Ω
  • Output P1dB: +11.5 dBm at 3.5 GHz
  • 1.8 V logic-compatible enable
  • Maximum operating temperature: 105°C 


  • Tx and Rx systems
  • 4G / 5G wireless infrastructure
  • TDD and FDD
  • IF amplifiers
  • License-free bands
  • General-purpose gain blocks
  • Eliminate passive equalizers

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