MMIC amplifier offers versatile biasing options for radar

23rd July 2014
Staff Reporter

A high power MMIC amplifier, targeting X-Band communication and radar applications, has been introduced by M/A-COM. The two stage, 8.5 – 10.5 GHz GaAs MMIC power amplifier has a saturated pulsed output power of 42 dBm, a large signal gain of 17 dB and a typical 43% power added efficiency. 

The MAAP-015036 amplifier can be biased using a direct gate voltage or using an on-chip gate bias circuit. The device also offers dual sided bias architecture for optimum flexibility in assembly and board design.

“The MAAP-015036 is our highest power amplifier in our family of new, high efficiency GaAs MMIC X-Band power amplifiers,” said Paul Beasly, Product Manager. “The combination of high power, high gain and excellent power added efficiency performance, along with versatile biasing options makes the device ideal for a wide range of X-band pulsed applications such as marine, weather and surface-movement radar, as well as perimeter security and communication links”.  

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