Mixer family covers frequencies from 1GHz to 50GHz

6th June 2016
Mick Elliott

Now available from Link Microtek is one of the most extensive mixer product lines on the market. Manufactured by L-3 Narda-MITEQ, the family of mixers comprises more than 400 standard models, offering a wide variety of configurations for operating frequencies from 1GHz all the way up to 50GHz.

Primarily aimed at up- and down-converter applications in communication, radar and electronic-warfare systems, the range includes numerous Schottky-diode mixers in single-, double- and triple-balanced designs, as well as several MESFET-based mixers, which are ideal for use wherever high dynamic range is the paramount consideration.

The majority of the mixers are double-balanced Schottky types, with different series covering requirements for ultra-broadband operation, high isolation and wide IF bandwidth.

There are also several double-balanced integrated modules, which feature a built-in low-noise IF amplifier to save space and reduce component count.

Coaxial connectorised, surface-mount and microstrip package styles are available, and many of the devices feature a high-reliability hermetically sealed construction utilising a Kovar chassis.

In addition to the range of standard products, L-3 Narda-MITEQ can also design and manufacture customised microwave mixers to meet the requirements of specific applications, including space-qualified systems.

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