The diminutive successor to the large SMD quartz crystal is ready for release

16th September 2011
ES Admin

As a result of their extremely low price, the very large and often cumbersome SMD quartz crystals in the HC-49/US-SMD metal housing series are frequently used in low-cost applications. Up until now, there was nothing from 10 MHz upwards with the capacity to replace the very low-priced, but very large SMD quartz crystals. Thus, there was nothing able to close the price gap between the crystals housed in metal and those housed in ceramic.

The internationally active quartz crystal and oscillator specialist PETERMANN-TECHNIK, based in Kaufering, is now proud to present just such a product: the low-cost quartz crystal MINI SMD for the 10 to 40 MHz frequency range. The quartz crystal encased in a 5.0 x 3.2 mm fully ceramic housing (glass sealed) in the SMD0503/2CC series, and featuring two solder pads, closes this price gap. It also proves a worthy successor to the SMD quartz crystals in the HC-49/US-SMD series metal housing. Capable of withstanding maximum temperatures of -40/+85°C and just 1.2 mm high, this tiny appliance only needs a quarter of the surface area and is around a quarter of the thickness. The mini SMD quartz crystals in the SMD0503/2CC series are manufactured on TS16949-certified production lines and meet the highest quality requirements.

PETERMANN-TECHNIK’s specialists are on hand to provide you with any design-in support you may need.

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